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Our training box

With Schneider or Siemens PLCs find the training box adapted to your needs 

Educational models

Jafs produces didactic models for home automation 


Our traning

International & specialized trainings 

In and out, in France and internationally, JAFS establishes engineering and training plans according to the needs of your teams. Each JAFS training / action integrates the realization of a concrete project until it is put into service in the customer process.

Each JAFS team is constantly being trained and informed about new automation technologies (...).

Thanks to this technological watch and the training plans, JAFS can propose particularly advanced solutions notably in open, communicating architectures, with the best adapted fieldbuses for the fastest implementation solutions.

Each client project relies on technology bricks tested and validated by JAFS to minimize the development time while ensuring reliability

Authorized training organization since 2007
Technologies for maintenance of old machines
Thanks to its expertise in the oldest technologies, JAFS provides maintenance of machinery and equipment of older generations
+ BERGER LAHR Axis Management
+ Allan Bradley RS LOGIX

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