Salon Educatec
JAFS présentera du 24 au 26 novembre ses maquettes didactiques au salon Educatec Paris
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JAFS, automatism in industry, building and training, in France and abroad

JAFS is an innovative player in automation in the industry, the building of tomorrow and training, in France and internationally. The company operates in four business segments: Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Training, and Health. JAFS knows how to respond to specific requests and adapt to the needs of its client: industrial machinery design, automation, didactic models, training within the company ... 


Our expertise

We propose to industrialists solutions to facilitate the work of operators, improve the quality of their production and their productivity with: 
- Prototyping and machine design 
- Integration of robots 
- Programming 
- Manufacturing automation solutions 

We also offer a range of fours industriels standards (normalization furnace for heat treatment, de-blasting furnaces, drying chambers, etc ...)
For more information, please feel free to contact us 

We offer our customers, for their buildings a building technical regulation solution and / or centralized technical management with 

- temperature regulation 
- ventilation control 
- lighting according to brightness and presence in the building 
– … 

These new techniques contribute to significant energy savings 

JAFS attaches great importance to transfert de compétences avec : 

- training of future automation specialists 
- training within JAFS 
-International training

But also designing didactic tools: 
- Didactic toys (KNX My HOME and Training BOX) 
-Industrial industrial machinery

Centralized building management